I’m using VNC to remote into the PC from the iMac so I can Remote Desktop into a server to change some css in a .Net project. I then have to email a copy of the css file to the project owner so he can check it into his source control repository from which he publishes the project…to the server.

OK Ryan, here’s your flowchart:


As you can see, things get a little hairy once we get past the windows server. I’m a little confused myself. Would anyone care to explain this to me?


  1. I really want an Airport compatible hampster.

  2. Flowchart? Done! Hope that helps.

  3. Sounds like a piece of cake.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if rodents aren’t really running the show.

  5. Wow.

    Now, see, that’s a whole ton better. Not some lame half-ton or any other fraction of a ton. But a whole ton better.

  6. wow. two remote sessions going on. That’s just dumb. I think I had something similar happen where I couldn’t remember my remote login, but I know of another computer that did, so I did roughly the same of remoting into one to get to another. All in all it just really begins to slow things down.

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