Running Multiple Versions of IE

Some of you may not understand the usefulness of this at all. For those of you who develop websites, I think you will. I was considering installing Virtual PC or some other shell type program so that I could run Windows 98 on my Windows XP machine here at work so that I could in turn test websites in IE 5.5. You cannot run an older version of IE on a computer with IE6, and we have no computers in the office running anything less than XP. This would have been a horrendous waste of time, but I figured having the ability to test websites in the browser with the 3rd largest market share would make it worthwhile.

After a little bit of research however, I found standalone versions of IE 3.0, 4.01, 5.01 SP2, and 5.5 SP2 at Now I can surf the web with the worst broser of all time – Internet Explorer 3! Yay.

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