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About a week and a half ago, my friend Jeremy Darty posted the first episode of his new podcast – Step ‘n Side. Back in the day Jeremy and I were the two renegade PC users in the graphic design program at UCF. As fate would have it, we both work on Macs full time now and I’m guessing he even produces his show in Garage Band. In his podcast, Jeremy is exploring and exposing some great alternative and independant bands and providing a steady stream of new podsafe music.


On Monday, Jeremy posted the second episode of his podcast and I have to say that there hasn’t been a single song in either episode that I didn’t like. So far he has played music from Brother Love, Lee Coulter, Munk, Darren Geffre, Rayko Pipes and the Kenny Ryan Band, Megaphone, and Seven Mary Three. Of all those bands, I had only really heard of Brother Love and (of course) Seven Mary Three. It’s pretty crazy that he got Seven Mary Three’s management to allow him to play one of their songs on his podcast. They’re a big name and have been around for about 10 years now. Back in 2002 Jeremy and I got to see them play at Spirit Splash, one of UCF’s annual homecoming traditions. When they got on stage they announced that although they had never canceled a show before, they almost canceled ours because lead singer Jason Ross was sick and had pretty much lost his voice. When they started to play “Cumbersome”, Jeremy and a few other guys jumped up on stage and got to help Jason belt out the chorus. Good Times!

Be sure to check out Step ‘n Side and let Jeremy know what you think about the music. He might even play your comment on the air and call you out like he did to me. 🙂

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