Sugary Goodness!

Or should that be fat of sugary goodness? As far as Ames and I are from the typical roles of domestic housewife and working husband, she is a culinary juggernaut (thanks Robby). With a chef for a mother, it’s easy to see where she gets it from, but she’s always trying to out-do herself. Usually she tries to come up with mostly healthy meals for us. Whenever we get together with our young married friends for a potluck however, her main goal is to get Suz Upp to say that it’s “Killer”.

Tonight’s theme is finger foods and we’re putting together an amazing fruit kabob tray with dip and a pot of bacon wrapped, brown sugar marinated, lil’ smokeys. I just transfered them from the oven to the warming pot this morning so they can continue to simmer while we’re working today and…well…they’re going to be GOOD!

One comment on “Sugary Goodness!

Ray says:

Man, I LOVE bacon-wrapped smokeys! Now I’m going to have to go make some to satisfy my craving…

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