It’s hard to look back on the last year of my life and NOT be thankful. My wife and I are healthy and happy, we bought our first house together, she was accepted to grad school at USC, I have an amazing job that I can do from home, and I’ve recently started volunteering as an assistant wrestling coach at the local high school (which has been both tiring and rewarding at the same time). With all these positive changes though, it’s been my wife, family, friends, and beliefs that have gotten me through the hard times.

With all that in mind, I think I’ll have a little fun and expand on last years list with a few things you probably didn’t know I was thankful for.

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  6. Apple – As much as I resisted the temptations of joining what I thought all through college was the “dark side”, I’ve grown to love working on my iMac and in OSX. Sorry Bill, Steve won me over…and I don’t think Vista is going to make me anymore likely to upgrade the PC.
  7. My Vans – In high school, all I ever used to wear was Airwalks, Vans, and Soapshoes. Yes, I was quite the oxymoron back in the day. I was a varsity wrestler, an aspiring webdesigner, and I dressed like a skater. Amy likes to tell the story about how I took her out for Coffee Coolatas at Dunkin Donuts and told her I would offer to pay, but that I was saving up for a pair of Soapshoes. In my defense…I didn’t earn much bagging groceries at Publix. To give a little more nerdy detail, I was driving a 1971 SuperBeetle at the time.
  8. Our Kitty – She’s a little white fluffball named Abby. Our neighbors had been taking care of her since the other neighbors abandoned her. They call her “Sally-Jane” since they already have a cat named Abby (what are the odds?). I like to call her “Kitty LaLa” since she seems to be in some other place half the time and Amy calls her FluffyButt for obvious reasons. She has slowly made her way into our house and hearts and even has her own food and water here.
  9. The Internet – Ahh, the internet. If it weren’t for that 486 Packard Bell Computer, 2400 baud modem, and IRENE, who knows what I would have done with my life. Without the web, I probably would have become an architect or an engineer. I’m glad I left the engineering classes up to Amy. I <3 Teh Intarweb!
  10. Rita’s Gelatis – I managed to get BReese hooked on Rita’s when he came to Vero for the wedding and it’s a guaranteed stop anytime Amy and I go back home. I personally like Mango with Vanilla custard. Amy’s favorite is Strawberry with Vanilla.

There ya go. A perfectly random list of 5 things I’m thankful for…of which only 2 are technology related. In retrospect, those two are probably things anybody out there would have guessed. Oh well, I hope I threw you off with the other 3. Happy Turkey Day!

2 comments on “Thankfully

Dustin says:

It’s too bad we didn’t go to school together man. I too wore my airwalks, dressed like a skater and ‘skated’ quite a bit (I even made skate videos), and became ‘most athletic’ of my senior class in running.

We probably could have hit it off quite well.

Anyway, until we meet 😉

NIce. You must be my brother from another mother. I need to find and scan a picture of me “grinding” with my soapshoes.

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