WaSP InterAct Curriculum

WaSP Interact FlyerOne of the many exciting things I learned about at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference was the launch of a curriculum project from the Web Standards Project. The WaSP InterAct Curriculum is a set of courses for budding web professionals divided into 6 disciplines:

  1. Foundations
  2. Front-end Development
  3. Design
  4. User Science
  5. Server-side Development
  6. Professional Practice

InterAct is designed to be a “living curriculum” and will therefore adapt to the ever-changing web industry through community contribution and educator feedback. In a medium where everyone seems to have a different level of competency, the need for a standardized curriculum for web design/dev students is obvious. The main thing WaSP asked of the SXSW attendees was to spread the word. So I’ll pass the responsibility on to you as well: If you know of a teacher or trainer who could benefit from the WaSP InterAct curriculum, please let them know. Thanks!

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