Alarm Woes

She graduates on Friday the 17th, but today is quite possibly the most important day in my wife’s undergraduate ChemE degree. She and her group are turning in their report and giving their final presentation for Senior Design. The past few weeks have been non-stop for us (more so for her) with late nights and early mornings. She spent last night assembling most of her groups work into a final report and powerpoint presentation. At about 1am she decided to get to get some sleep and wake up at 6 to finalize everything and take the textbook-thick report in to work early to get it bound.

That probably would have worked out great but somehow, something didn’t work out between when I set the alarm last night and when it was supposed to go off. I’m usually the first one up if the alarm doesn’t go off, but this morning we were both in bed till Ames woke up at 7:45. She was supposed to be at work by 8…so as you can probably guess, it wasn’t the best of mornings. From what I’ve seen of the report and presentation so far, I know it’s going to go fine, but I still feel bad about whatever happened to the alarm.

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