Headbutt to the Sternum

Well, it’s been several days now since the final showdown of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, but the world is still reeling from Zinedine Zidane’s brutal attack against Marco Materazzi. Although many people have been trying to determine his motivation, and whether or not he deserves the prestigious Golden Ball… 


Well it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve participated in any silly blog memes so I guess I’m due for one. I’ve been “tagged” by Dustin Diaz and since I’m not quite done with my next Photoshop Basics tutorial, I’ll be a good sport about it: Four jobs I’ve had… 


I have to admit that I’ve been quietly addicted to the complete and udder waste of time that is ytmnd.com for several years now. Although I’ve only been voting on and contributing to the community for the last few months, it’s always been entertaining to see how creative people can… 

Book Baton

Just when I thought we were done with this whole meme thing for 2005, I get hit with another one from Marko. Thanks buddy, thanks a lot! You know, in order to stop these things, somebody has to refuse to do it. That is the only way…amputate the branch before… 

Baton Meme Madness

I was thinking about the musical baton meme, how it spread, and just how quickly it spread. If this were a virus, it would have been a very efficient one as it made its way through the entire web-development community (at least from my perspective) in less than 2 days…. 

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