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UX in Remote-First Organizations

It’s fair to say that remote work is a hot topic. A growing number of visionary organizations like Zapier, Automattic, and Buffer have demonstrated for years how successful a remote-only model can be. On the other hand, many product companies have doubled down on maintaining centrally located, in-office teams.

Email Jitsu…It's On!

A few months ago I designed a concept site for a fictional HTML email workshop as part of .net Magazine’s regular “build-off” feature. It was inspired by my favorite MailChimp guide, titled Email Jitsu which teaches “combat tips” for HTML email coding and design. For fun, I wrote a post for the MailChimp blog about the possibility of making the workshop a reality. Several people expressed interest, so I quietly signed myself up for one of the workshop slots at this year’s ConvergeSE conference on June 24th in Columbia, SC…

Less is More

There was a time when I considered myself to be just a nerdy, introverted, quiet designer who had a hard time relating to my non-webbie human counterparts. Then I attended my first web conference, SXSW 2007 and it really changed my perspective. I met a lot of designers and developers who I considered to be celebrities in their respective fields, most of whom were very approachable and genuinely happy to get to know a fellow web nerd. When I say that attending SXSW changed my perspective, what I mean is that it made me realize that I have a lot in common with anyone who works on designing and building the web…

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