Crying Myself to Sleep

This post was imported from a blog called Contemporation where Amy and I wrote about the renovation of our 80’s contemporary home in Atlanta. That blog is no more but I wanted the content to live on.

As soon as we got the keys to this house, we knew one of the first projects that had to be taken care of was removing the built-in, berber carpeted bed platform and headboard in the 3rd floor loft. Yes, it was tacky, but it was also built for a full-size bed and we have a king. “Easy enough”, I thought as I started cutting into the carpet with my box knife.
That’s the last time I’ll start a project off with those words. It took a couple hours just to get the carpet off the plywood and 2×4 structure. When I finally started prying it apart I found several surprises. The first and most obvious problem was that the entire structure was built to hide a poorly-run AC duct. The metal duct came through the floor, ran about 4 ft to the wall then made a 90 degree angle to go through another wall and vent into the living room.

The second problem was that the fiberboard carpet underlayment was cut to fit the platform, meaning I’d need at least 2 more sheets of that to put carpet back down. Finally, the section of wall that was covered by the built in headboard had no drywall or vapor barrier behind it. That particular section of the headboard contained about an inch of roach droppings. Yummy.

What was supposed to be a “fun demo project” ended up being a nightmare. Pun intended. Click on the gallery images below to see the (pain)full process.

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