Eye to Eye

As Valentines Day approaches, I’m beginning to think a lot more about just how lucky a guy I am. There are so many reasons why I’m happy to be forever committed to my wife. Yea, Ames is insanely smart, she can cook just about anything, she has a memory like a trap, and she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met…but those things really aren’t the driving force behind my love for her. It’s the little details about Amy that get me…like the fact that she can move her eyes around independently of one another. Yes, this is a little known Amy trick that is particularly useful when she wants to convey that the person she is imitating wasn’t the brightest person in the world.

Amy doing her independent eye movement thing.

I always thought this trick was a genetic thing, like being double jointed or having a connected earlobe. I’ve tried to do it before always to be told, “Nope, both your eyes are looking to the left now”. Well, after a few minutes of professional training from my wife I’m happy to report that I too can now move my eyes independently…if I can prevent myself from laughing.

I can do it!

She’s the greatest!

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Ray says:

Ha! That’s great stuff! I taught myself how to do that by accident a few years ago and it never fails to freak people out when I look at them with just one eye crossed.

If anyone wants to train themselves (I’m not sure why you would want to really!), just tell them to follow their finger in front of their eyes. Kind of like the way nurses or doctors (or policemen) do. Put your index finger about an inch away from your nose, make both eyes focus on your finger, then move your finger to either side straight in front of each eye. Hold your finger there and notice that only one eye is crossed. Keep staring at that same spot and move your finger away. TADA! Now the trick is to be able to do that with your eyes without the use of your finger.

Okay, now my eyes hurt from doing it too much while writing this…

Ray says:

Okay, sorry to comment twice in a row (even though it’s been days since I last commented) but I have to give this link to you.


If you can do that with your eyes, you’re awesome.

Ray, that is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. I’ll have to show Ames! Thanks!

Fhqwghads says:

I can do that, better than you.

ugly says:

i can do a similar thing thusly: go cross-eyed, then look to the extreme left or right (with both eyes). one eye should remain looking at your nose while you do that. then, go cross-eyed again and then look to the extreme left/right again (but opposite of what you did before).

the effect is of a couple of bouncing balls (a bit like those hanging steel balls you see in desk ornaments).

alternatively, you can keep one eye looking at your nose while the other bounces left and right.

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