Firefox, Really!

I’ve been using, and admiring Mozilla Firefox for a while now, but have always had a reason to creep back into using IE6 as my default browser. Sure, stricter compliance to W3C standards and better rendering of CSS are important to me, but its little integrated features like right-clicking images to paste into Photoshop that really get me to go back. As a web designer I also want to make sure everything I create works for the largest amount of internet users possible. Right now, that means IE6 users. So even if I did prefer Firefox over IE, I still need to be able to see what a page looks like in the public’s eye.

In my latest attempt to kick IE to the curb, I’ve found some staying power in Mozilla’s never-ending list of extensions for the Davidesque browser. There’s an extension to add “copy image” to the right click menu, an extension to add “open in IE” to your right click menu, and even one that allows you to zoom in or out on an image in your browser.

Even without these features I support Firefox as a superior, more advanced browser, but it’s the open source nature of Mozilla, and the genius extensions created by everyday programmers that are taking it leaps and bounds ahead of IE.

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