…her. forever.

Goofy Mall Photo Booth Polaroid

I have been quietly searching for this embarrassingly goofy photobooth polaroid for at least 2 years now. I included a low-res scan of it in the original amesnjas.com website, but that was back when Amy and I lived in Florida. Like the polaroid format itself, I was afraid the tangible evidence of this memory was lost forever.

I was pleasantly surprised though when I re-discovered the picture in an old box of notes last week. The box was from the Summer after that picture was taken. We had been dating for almost two years at that point and as you can read from the polaroid, had just gotten engaged. It was really a bitter-sweet Summer though. I was headed to Italy for a 6 week project with Campus Crusade for Christ and Amy had been awarded a 10 week REU scholarship to do research at the University of South Carolina.

While those were both exciting, life-changing opportunities for us, it meant we had to be apart for almost the entire Summer. As I was packing my suitcase, Ames gave me a wooden box with hearts all over it that was filled with little pieces of paper. Each paper was individually rolled up and tied shut with red ribbon. She explained that I could open one whenever I missed her. Every piece of paper had a note written on it about why she loved me. I ran out of notes long before the end of my trip, but this was the last one I opened, and the object I was actually searching for when I discovered my favorite picture.

...you. forever.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, I had a recent picture of us blown up and I put a copy of that note with it in a frame. I figured it was an appropriate gift (along with some jewelry of course) for our 5th anniversary as she’s about a year and a half from being finished with a PhD at the University where she spent that summer 6 years ago. It’s amazing to me that it’s been so long since those memories were created, but we’ve got plenty more to make. Happy Anniversary, Ames!

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Anton says:

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary guys! How about some kids now?

James Miller says:

Congratulations, man!

Thanks, guys. Also, as I’m catching up with my feeds from last week, I wanted to note that I wrote this post as a draft the day before Jason Santa Maria’s “shake it like a metaphorical picture” post. It is really a great article, but I’ll add this to my growing list of reasons why I believe Stan has a time machine.

Marco says:

Wow…. and wow… this is so awesome. I smiled all the way reading through this entry.

Better than any romantic movie scriptwriter could come up with. Happy anniversary you two! 🙂

Hey you! I saw you added me on Twitter! It was so awesome to hear from you! Sooooo cute about this post, I love the polaroid photo of you two. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! I remember you both as newlyweds! Please give my love to Amy!

fisher says:

Happy Anniversary!!!

Phil says:

Hi Jason,

as I read your book on beautiful webdesign I stumbled over the link to your webpage. What’s the first thing I read? This wonderful article on you and your partner. This is very cute and I like it very much. Happy Anniversary from Germany 🙂



sarah says:

Such a sweet sweet story. You guys are awesome and so cute together! 🙂

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