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Update: I created a standalone site at based on the aggregated content on this post. This page will live on, but I recommend following along over there, or via the site’s RSS feed.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing and how beneficial it is (especially for designers) to connect and share with our broader communities of practice through storytelling. It can be scary to put content out into the world, even more so when you’re representing a team. Sharing our processes, experiments, failures, and aha moments though is the best way for all of us to learn. Blogging regularly as a team has the added benefit of creating a window into the culture of our organizations, providing a glimpse of what working there is like. I first experienced the value of writing externally as a team while helping run The UX Newsletter at Mailchimp. I learned from the feedback we received after each issue that many other UX teams were working through the same challenges.

Back in April, I wrote my first post for Design at Sprout Social. Since then, I’ve been encouraging my colleagues to contribute as well. To help inspire my teammates to share, I went looking for other design team blogs. I couldn’t find a comprehensive list anywhere, so I just started collecting the feeds I could find in a folder on Feedly. I thought other folks might find it useful as well, so I put together this evergreen post.

Design Team Blogs

The list below includes every active design team blog I could find at time of writing that met the following requirements:

  • Only in-house design or UX team blogs – I included company blogs as long as there was a design or UX-specific category to follow.
  • At least one post in the last year – I discovered many dormant team sites with great articles, but I’m only including active blogs in this list.
  • Must have an RSS feed – It’s tough to follow a site that isn’t on a shared platform and doesn’t have a feed URL. I’d love to keep up with OpenTable Design and Google Design, but neither site has a feed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks to WP RSS Aggregator, the 20 most recent posts, and latest 3 posts for each design team update daily. Know of any that I missed? Did a dormant blog start posting again? Drop a comment here and I’ll update the list.

Currently including 41 design team blogs | Skip to: Athenahealth, Atlassian, Automattic, Babbel,, Deliveroo, Doctolib, DoorDash, Dropbox, Duolingo, Emplifi, Faire, Hubspot, IBM, Indeed, Instacart, Intercom, Intuit, Kingfisher, Klaviyo, Lattice, Lyft, Medium, Meta, Microsoft, OYO, Pinterest, Plaid, Prudential, Salesforce, SAP, Shopify, Slack, Spotify, Sprout Social, Thumbtack, VMware, Wayfair, Wix, Yelp, Zendesk


20 Most Recent Posts


Athenahealth Design (RSS)

Designing Atlassian (RSS)

Automattic Design (RSS)

Babbel Design (RSS) – UX Design (RSS)

Deliveroo Design (RSS)

Doctolib Design (RSS)

Design @ DoorDash (RSS)

Dropbox Design (RSS)

Duolingo Design (RSS)

Emplifi Design (RSS)

Faire Design (RSS)

Hubspot UX (RSS)

IBM Design (RSS)

Indeed Design (RSS)

Instacart Design (RSS)

Inside Intercom – Product & Design (RSS)

Intuit Design Hub (RSS)

Kingfisher Design (RSS)

Klaviyo Design (RSS)

Lattice Design (RSS via Substack)

Lyft Design+ (RSS) (RSS)

Design at Meta (RSS)

Microsoft Design (RSS)

OYO Product Design (RSS)

Pinterest Design (RSS)

Plaid Design (RSS)

Prudential Design (RSS)

Salesforce Designer (RSS)

SAP Design (RSS)

Shopify UX (RSS)

Slack Design (RSS)

Spotify.Design (RSS)

Design at Sprout Social (RSS)

Thumbtack Design (RSS)

VMware Design (RSS)

Wayfair Experience Design (RSS)

Wix UX (RSS)

Yelp Design (RSS)

Zendesk Design (RSS)

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