It’s Alive

Finally, a place for me to blog out my ramblings and get feedback. All it took was for me to add a couple tables to my database, and finagle some SQL queries, and create a repeated region, and …well you get gist – if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

I know, I know, there are dozens of sites out there that make blogging easy, and open source projects that simplify the commenting process. I just thought that most of those were too complex for what I wanted to do with this site. The biggest issue was the commenting. I wanted it to make it easy for people to post feedback and show the number of comments on each post. Many people have simple commenting set up like this: christilina, shawn wall, even Vlad at softshape. The other main issue is that I have 2 sites (so far) that I want to post to. This is my personal space. I assume I will use this for tech stuff, design issues, work thoughts and other tidbits that would be kind of out of place on This will make amesnjas interactive as well

…so excited!

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