Update via IM

Ok, so I’m lazy, but I think I said everything in my conversation with Brian this morning that I wanted to post here. So here’s the chat log:

B Reese: finally my server runs 🙂
jasongraphix: mine will be soon too… I JUST ordered my ram and I bought a new video card last night!
jasongraphix: Get this…
jasongraphix: for my b-day I got a 128MB ram chip from my mom for my birthday…
jasongraphix: but it was 133 and i needed 100…
jasongraphix: well i took it back to Staples…and got $75 back (she paid toooo much)
jasongraphix: so then I bought a PNY geforce4 with s-video out on sale for $89 with a $40 rebate ($50)
jasongraphix: and just bought 2 NEW 64MB ram modules for $23 (with shipping) from computersurplusoutlet.com
B Reese: wow she did pay too much
jasongraphix: so I am still $2 within budget…
B Reese: I paid 50 at best buy
jasongraphix: that’s what I call “trading spaces” style baby.
jasongraphix: hehe
jasongraphix: I know…
jasongraphix: Circuit city had a pretty good deal on 128 MB too…
jasongraphix: but I allready had a 64MB module…and the mobo has 2 open slots…so I figured why not just get 2 more 64MBs…
jasongraphix: …and pay less than what it would cost me on ebay.
jasongraphix: Clockin in at only 400MHz, my lil servers will act as a Nintendo, An MP3 jukebox, An all day movie downloader (kazaa), a movie player (it will be s-video outed to our tv), and eventually a web/file server as well.
jasongraphix: cool huh?
B Reese: your doing all this under windows?
jasongraphix: 2003 server…
B Reese: you mean it runs on 186 mb ram
jasongraphix: it will run on as little as 128.
jasongraphix: but it will have 192.
B Reese: oh, yeah… my shoddy math
B Reese: that’s why I use a caculator
jasongraphix: that’s why I have a calculator button on my keyboard.

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