It’s Too Late

Moving Tip 28: Make Lots of Friends BEFORE you move.

I figured I’d make good use of our last day of internet before it gets turned off…since it’s too late to make friends. For those not in the loop, Amy and I are moving from Gainesville, FL to Columbia, SC bright and early Tuesday morning. I should be back online and back to work by Wednesday…hopefully with pics of our new digs.

3 comments on “It’s Too Late

Ash says:

Good luck with the move!

Sylvia says:

Did you guys make it?!?!? We’re worried. Let us know. 🙂

We made it, but it took us a week longer than we thought it would to get internet, so the withdraw has been a little rough. Not to mention the night and day work that has been going into this place to get it organized. We love our new house and the neighborhood though… everything has been awesome! I’ll get some pictures up soon on of the move and the renovation process.

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