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This post was imported from a blog called Contemporation where Amy and I wrote about the renovation of our 80’s contemporary home in Atlanta. That blog is no more but I wanted the content to live on.

When we started this blog, Amy and I had grand plans of posting daily (or at least weekly) updates about the progress on our addition. Well, the contractors are almost done and we’ve barely been able to get a post in each month. There are so many things we wish we could share here but simply surviving through the renovation while living in the house, working and taking care of our 10 month old daughter was challenge enough. These last few weeks though have been especially tough as we’ve spent late nights and long weekends assembling all of of our Ikea kitchen cabinets and moving out of the old kitchen and entire 2nd floor.

Knowing that the cabinets were going to start going up Wednesday, I set up a Timelapse camera in the corner of the dining room on Tuesday night. It took a picture every 10 minutes from 7am – 5pm on Wednesday and Thursday and then 7am till midnight on Friday and Saturday as Amy and I toiled away at night installing the door/drawer hardware and moving everything from the old kitchen.

About halfway through the video, you see a couple frames of the granite guy templating. Once that was done, the cabinets for the islands get dismantled again. That’s because the wood floor crew is coming this week to stain and finish the floors. They’re also sanding and refinishing the wood in the rest of the 2nd floor so that’s why we were frantically shoving stuff into the cabinets toward the end. What the camera didn’t see was the other half of the 2nd floor where we were moving the couches, cabinets, baby toys, a big rug and well, everything up to the 3rd or down to the 1st floor. If the camera were left on a little longer, you would have seen us eating pizza on the floor and finishing off our weekend at about midnight by taping cardboard and plastic over the cabinets to protect them from the sanding and staining.

Once the contractors returned this morning, I got their help moving the last 2 items out of the 2nd floor. We carried the living room TV cabinet upstairs and carefully moved our old (and still full) fridge to an outlet on the back porch. This morning they’re demolishing our old, cramped, nasty galley kitchen and prepping for the floor guys.

This is one Monday where I can honestly say I’m glad to be back at work!

PS: All the doors and cover panels have a protective blue film over them that we’ll peel off later. They’re actually gloss gray on the top row, tall pantry and island cabinets and gloss white on the 2nd row and base cabinets.

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Looking great, man! The Pulley House is coming along beautifully.

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