No Electrolytes

Oh my what a game! With all the hype and gloomy predictions, I honestly thought Ohio State was going to give the Gators a good fight. When the Buckeyes returned the opening kick for a field goal in the first few seconds of the game it looked like they had some strong momentum. From the next kickoff on though it was Florida who dominated. Play after play, the Florida offense hammered on the Buckeye defense. When their Heismann led offence did get on the field, they were limited to few, if not negative yards before having to punt. It was as if the Buckeyes had no energy against Florida last night. Perhaps they didn’t stay hydrated?

Whatever the excuse, the Florida Gators came out and played a solid ball game. No tricks, no smoke and mirrors. When Leak was on the field, they mostly passed. When Tebow came in, they ran it…usually right up the middle. And they did it all night long. 41-14! Go Gators!

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