With a lack of compromise among a small room of individuals and the tick of a clock past a deadline 800,000 people got furloughed last week. The idea that so many people could be immediately told that what they do is nonessential is a disturbing thought. So disturbing in fact that it made me want to write about being essential and questioning whether or not your work is important.

I couldn’t do it. Why? Because I was too embarrassed by how outdated this site was to post new content to it. I started telling myself several years ago that I was going to redesign but I kept putting it off. Last week I finally decided enough was enough. I didn’t have the time for a full redesign but I found a minimal WordPress theme I liked, archived the old site, imported all my old posts into a fresh WordPress install and flipped the switch.

Now what was it that I was going to write about again? I had some notes here about Tom Clancy, Seth Godin and the four stages of competence but what’s essential is that I now have a place where I feel comfortable writing again.

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