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I believe it was Dustin Diaz who first introduced me to the Boagworld podcast back in early 2006. Since then, I’ve been enjoying the intelligent, witty, and entertaining banter between Paul Boag and his co-host Marcus Lillington about all things related to website design and development. Needless to say I was extremely excited when Paul invited me to talk about web design basics and “pimp my book” for the latest episode:
107. Running to keep up“.

After listening to part of the show, Ames jokingly said “You sound so serious.” Despite my austere demeanor, I had a great time geeking up the air waves with my thoughts on layout, color, texture, typography, and imagery. The entire interview was really just a quick rundown of the key points in each chapter of the book, but it gave me an opportunity to bring up some resources and trends that have developed since the book came out.

Toward the end of the interview, Paul said
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is:

…a perfect book for a lot people that listen to this show if you are starting out in any form of design and don’t come from a design background.

I’m always happy to hear positive feedback like that about the book, especially from people like Paul who do so much to keep the masses up to date on the latest resources and trends in the industry.

Be sure to check out the show.

5 comments on “On the Air

Now this I gotta go listen to. It’s been such a long time since doing any podcasting, but it was good having you back in the post-pilot episode.

Ove says:

I don’t think you sounded *that* serious. That podcast must have been pretty good for sales. I’ve listened to Boagworld for quite a while, and I imagine they must have a large following.

VJ says:

I’ve really enjoyed the few episodes of that pod I’ve caught

EuphoriaOne says:

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the pod casts 🙂

Perhaps you can also write something towards people who do not know how to make a portfolio (such as what information to put on it, and how to order the information).

Jos� Luis Gonz�lez says:

Well, this is not about the podcast but I just wanted to tell you that you produced an excellent book. I just got it last week and is very precise. The only way to put it into words is like when you get a present and it happens to be what you expected and more. Thank you.

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