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I spent most of the day Saturday driving around to each of the Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Millions, and Waldenbooks in the greater Columbia area handing out book-themed business cards to the store managers, and asking them to put a few copies of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design on their shelves. As productive as that trip was, I knew that the Amazon rating I saw that day was not caused by my own marketing efforts. Regardless of the cause I was so excited, that I took a screenshot:

Number 56 on Amazon!

56? When I first saw that my book was listed on Amazon it was ranked somewhere around 100,000. Somehow though, for most of the weekend, the book was listed in Amazon’s bestsellers list! But why? I didn’t know the answer to that question until I got in to work this morning and one of my coworkers asked if I read Slashdot on Friday. I have no idea who Trent Lucier is, but he posted a very thorough and positive book review that I am happy to recommend to anybody who is trying to decide whether or not to buy my book. Check it out:

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Congratulations, Jason! I’ve read the book and it really is everything it’s advertised to be. Well done.

(and thanks for including my site as a design example, I was very happily surprised!)

Thanks for buying the book and I’m glad you like it Andrew! Left Justified definitely deserves a spot in the limelight. I really like your design. I’ve been meaning to get an email out to everyone whose site I posted screenshots of. I made a list, just haven’t written the email yet.

Hehe, well, I didn’t buy it — I’m a technical editor for SitePoint — your book was about to go to print as I started so I got to see it early 😉

I just bought your book off SitePoint (been waiting for the PDF edition so I could get it instantly, but the hard copy is on it’s way too) and I’m working through it – what can I say? Excellent work and congrats on getting the book out. It’s really, relly good.

Thanks, Tormod! I only have the paperback version so I can’t say much about the PDF edition. 🙂 I glad you’re enjoying it though!


I’m just starting the third chapter (even though I bought the book a month ago) and I really am enjoying it. I’ve got a lot of the programming background, and noticed your book on Slashdot the day it was reviewed. It’s so perfect for a guy like me, trying to make great webpages inside and out!

Keith Prickett

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