Standing Desk Balance Board

I sit at a desk all day. It’s a standing desk, so I’d like to spend more time on my feet but sitting is just more convenient. I’ve tried setting reminders to stand, but have a hard time making it a habit, and rarely stay off my chair for more than an hour at a time. Sound familiar? One of the things I enjoy when I’m not working is riding my Onewheel. I thought a balance board might help me stay motivated to keep standing—without being as difficult or dangerous during virtual meetings as actually standing on a Onewheel (seriously, don’t do this).

Standing Desk Balance BoardMaybe I should call it a floating desk?

What I originally had in mind was something like a Whirly Board, Revbalance FIT, or Fluidstance but those were all more than I wanted to spend.

I settled on the Gaiam Evolve, which was less than half of any those other options at about $60. I stood for more than half of my day all last week and even spent a whole one without lowering my desk. I’m hoping to keep that trend going this week and I’m loving the board. I can rock from side to side, shift to my heels to stretch my calves, rotate 180° while keeping my upper body steady, or even balance comfortably on one foot. It’s just engaging enough to keep from transitioning back to a chair, without preventing me from being able to focus or find flow.

I don’t know if all this balancing has improved my Onewheel riding at all, but it’s definitely been healthier than sitting all day. I thought I’d share for anyone else out there trying to stand at their desk more often in 2022.

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