100 Mile Onewheel Pint Review

In May, I finally did it. After a year and a half of deliberation, I bought a Onewheel Pint. While I do enjoy occasional mountain bike rides, and running on a semi-regular basis, I am neither an extreme sports enthusiast nor an athlete. As a frugal, 40 year old parent of 2 elementary-age kiddos, I also find it hard to justify spending money on myself these days, especially for things I don’t need. Do any of these factors make me regret my decision? Not at all!

Harbison State Forest

What a great weekend! On Saturday, Amy and I threw our first party in our new house. It was supposed to be a BBQ, complete with an outdoor fire and horseshoes, but the cold and rain forced it indoors. We still had about 20 people show up though and had… 

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