Refresh Columbia

It’s hot right now in Columbia, South Carolina. The recorded high this week was 100° and it’s only June! For web designers and developers though, something refreshing is on the way. I’m not talking about a rafting trip down the Saluda – though that does sound refreshing – I’m referring… 

Christmas in Vero

As native Floridians, Amy and I aren’t used to all this cold weather. We were planning on driving down to our hometown of Vero Beach, Florida today, but when we woke up yesterday and it was 21° outside and looked like this… …we knew we had to get outta there…. 

To Our Friends in Gainesville

Come ‘n listen to my story ’bout a girl named Ames A poor engineer, hadn’t time for any games. And then one day, she got an acceptance letter from USC And then bought a house and planned an Ikea shopping spree. Lillberg, that is, solid birch, modern furnishings. Well, the… 

Carolina in My Mind

Ames and I returned late last night from our week long vacation/househunting trip to South Carolina. We took a detour on the way up for a full-day of Class IV white water rafting on the Chatooga River, and camped out 4 of the 5 nights that we were up there… 

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