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It’s hot right now in Columbia, South Carolina. The recorded high this week was 100° and it’s only June! For web designers and developers though, something refreshing is on the way. I’m not talking about a rafting trip down the Saluda – though that does sound refreshing – I’m referring to a new community of individuals who aim to invigorate workers of the web industry in our city.

Refresh Columbia

First and foremost, Refresh is a social group. No matter what you do for a living, it’s good to know people who do the same line of work. That type of interaction not only keeps people motivated, but it helps those people stay current with trends and best-practices. We plan to meet once a month to do just that.

Our hope is that Refresh will also become an educational hub. Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in Germany “to create a new guild of craftsmen”. I believe we have an opportunity to do the same thing here in the South Carolina Midlands. Because the Web is a constantly evolving organism, there is often a gap between what is taught in universities and the skill-set required to excel in this field. By gathering local professionals to give presentations and share their expertise, we can all grow more knowledgeable and fill that educational gap.

Are you with me? Head over to the new Refresh Columbia website and let us know. We’re currently trying to gauge the initial interest and decide when and where to meet each month. For those of you who aren’t in South Carolina, I encourage you to check the Refreshing Cities website to see if there’s a refresh group where you live. If not, maybe you can get one started.

2 comments on “Refresh Columbia

Darragh G (Seachmall) says:

Nice idea, unfortunatly I’m in the wrong city/state/country/continent for it but its a great concept. I might look into one for over here 😉

Rich K. says:

What a great idea. I just graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. I’ve been looking for something like this. Unfortunately, I still live in upstate NY. If I ever happen to be in SC, I’ll be sure to attend an event.

It’s great to hear that web professionals, such as yourself and others who have experience in the industry, are willing to share their knowledge with people just entering the industry.

Keep up the good work. As a recent graduate, I find your blog to be a great resource for keeping up with web trends. I also ordered your book and expect it to arrive today!

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