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FlightFins Falcons for Onewheel

As someone who loves Onewheel trail riding, I’ve often wished I could be more “locked in” on my board while cruising over rough terrain. Replacing the stock grip tape was really the only change I made that helped with that, but it’s still easy to get thrown off occasionally by the roots, rocks, and drops that are common on mountain bike trails. I wanted something more than increased surface friction to keep my feet planted.

100 Mile Onewheel Pint Review

In May, I finally did it. After a year and a half of deliberation, I bought a Onewheel Pint. While I do enjoy occasional mountain bike rides, and running on a semi-regular basis, I am neither an extreme sports enthusiast nor an athlete. As a frugal, 40 year old parent of 2 elementary-age kiddos, I also find it hard to justify spending money on myself these days, especially for things I don’t need. Do any of these factors make me regret my decision? Not at all!

Ten Old Things Project

In this age of planned obsolescence it’s easy to justify purchases that we know will have a limited life span. The days of searching for the longest-lasting, most efficient or most dependable solutions to our problems have been quietly replaced by a quick glance at some best-selling or highest review metrics. If a new version comes out or a better solution comes along, we’re far too quick to discard and repurchase. Regardless of whether or not this is a global trend, it’s certainly true of my own purchasing history – Hello there, Apple products. In an effort to combat this tendency toward consumption and waste, I started thinking about the things I own that I wouldn’t want to trade or upgrade.

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