Refresh Columbia

It’s hot right now in Columbia, South Carolina. The recorded high this week was 100° and it’s only June! For web designers and developers though, something refreshing is on the way. I’m not talking about a rafting trip down the Saluda – though that does sound refreshing – I’m referring… 

Redneck Bling For Sale

A few months ago, Amy told me this story about how her and some of her classmates were coming back from lunch and she saw this horrendously jacked up truck downtown. The owner was trying to get something out of the bed and when the tailgate was down the guys… 

Christmas in Vero

As native Floridians, Amy and I aren’t used to all this cold weather. We were planning on driving down to our hometown of Vero Beach, Florida today, but when we woke up yesterday and it was 21° outside and looked like this… …we knew we had to get outta there…. 

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