Street Views

I thought Google Street View was fairly entertaining when it launched last year, but it wasn’t all that exciting when you could only explore 5 cities. Ever since they added coverage here in Columbia though, I’ve been fascinated. Writing about how cool the service is doesn’t really do it justice…. 


The image above is the third in a series of collages from a childhood sketchbook. A few weeks ago, Ames and I drove down to Orlando to see one of my best friends from college get married. While I was in town, I managed to find time one morning to… 

Be Gentle

I saw this picture over at Alex Rudloff’s post about UCF’s 42-0 loss to UF and had to repost it. Amy and I were at home watching South Carolina get the same treatment from Georgia…but at least that matchup was worth watching. 42-0? C’mon Gators? Why couldn’t you just go… 

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