Be Gentle

I saw this picture over at Alex Rudloff’s post about UCF’s 42-0 loss to UF and had to repost it. Amy and I were at home watching South Carolina get the same treatment from Georgia…but at least that matchup was worth watching. 42-0? C’mon Gators? Why couldn’t you just go pick a fight with someone’s grandmother and leave my poor Knights alone.


3 comments on “Be Gentle

Thats what I’m saying!

It’s all good though.. It’s all about USF on Saturday anyway. If that turns into a 42-0 wallop, I might disappear for awhile in depression 😉

All I have to say is GO ORANGE and BLUE! Gold is a pansy color anyway.

Ryan says:

Hey, don’t be complaining about the beat down. It was the knights who came up to G’ville and were all like “yo, whatchoo got little man?” and we were all “more than your golden ass can take, holmes” and they were all “well lets see it mofo!” and we were all “42-0 biatch!”

Well, that’s how I think it all happened.

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