Then We Were Four

My life changed forever with one kiss in the Summer of 2000. I was friends with Amy for a long time before we started dating but when we fell for each other, we fell hard. First came love, then came marriage but there were a lot more milestones for us before a baby even made sense.


After over a decade of taking on challenges together, Dr. Beaird and I thought we knew what life, love and the pursuit of happiness was all about. Then we had Adelyn. She flipped our world upside down and showed us how much more love we were capable of. Even now, amidst the occasional defiance of terrible two’s she puts a smile on my face every day.


On Friday, March 21st Amy and I had our second daughter, Mavrie. She and Mom aren’t even home from the hospital yet and I can already tell that my life is in for another amazing change. I knew that Amy and I would fall in love with Mavrie at first sight but seeing Adelyn interact with her for the first time added an entirely new dynamic to our family life. I know that life with a toddler and a newborn is going to be tough for a few months but I can’t wait to see their relationship as sisters grow.

I love my little girls more than life itself but I love Ames more today than ever before. The journey from goofy couple with crazy plans to a family of four has been an exciting one and I’m looking forward to all the milestones ahead of us.

4 comments on “Then We Were Four

Wen says:

God bless your family!!! ¡Que viva el amor!

Evan says:

Building a family is such a defining and amazing experience. Congrats Jason! We’re expecting our first girl (after having 3 boys) in 6 weeks! So exciting =)

Gregg says:

I feel lucky to work with you, Jason, but knowing you is even better.

Theo says:

Congrats, There is no greater adventure than being a father. All the best!

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