When we bought our house, one of the things we asked the seller to do was cut down the dead tree in front of the house. It was a pretty large dead tree and we saw it as a potential threat if it were to fall toward the house, but the seller ended up refusing to have it removed. Ames’ parents were planning to come up next weekend and they were going to bring us a spare chainsaw so we could take it out. Well, apparently with all the rain we’ve had lately, it decided to come down on it’s own. Fortunately it fell AWAY from the house. We spent the evening trying to get what we could out of the neighbor’s yard. I think we’ve decided to give up for now until we get a chainsaw.



Looking back, I’ve been posting a lot more about house stuff and very little about webdesign or development. So…as a side note, I just wanted to say I’m very excited and inspired by the ALA Redesign. In case you haven’t checked it out yet, the new design is by Jason Santa Maria, css is by Eric Meyer, and the backend is built on rails by Dan Benjamin. How crazy is that? There’s even a few custom promo shirts, including this XHTML fist one on the right by Kevin Cornell. I think I have to buy it.

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Dustin says:

No worries on the lack of design posts…
Dude, I read about the ALA reconstruction. How crazy is that having that combo putting together a site. Not to mention, Zeldman wrote the forward into the new launch.

Seems a little too much selling t-shirts though. It’s all about the “been there, done that, got the t-shirt, now what?”

Andrea Wolford says:

Hi Guys,
I’m glad to see you are getting settled in Columbia. It’s definitely a different place to live. Tobi and I have been very busy over the past month with our own yard work and the wild child. We’d love to come over to see the house sometime now that you are moved in. We changed cell phone companies, and I lost your number. Give me a call sometime.

Hey, you found my website. Sorry we haven’t been back over since we moved up. Hopefully now that the dust has settled, we’ll find some time to stop by. Besides, I need to come pick up my favorite flip flops. 🙂

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