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As the days grow longer and flowers begin to burst forth from the tawny winter landscape, I am reminded of one thing — it’s time to GET NAKED! As nonbelligerent as I am about validation and semantic markup, it makes me grin with mischievously nerdy glee when I think about CSS Naked Day. Dustin’s idea is genius, really. In case you have no idea what’s going on there, CSS Naked Day is basically a chance to show the world the power of stylesheets by simply removing them from our websites. To the general public, a good website design is nothing more than a cosmetic attribute. Appearances though, can be deceiving. Beneath the pretty layouts, colors, and type some websites are hacked together with their structure (HTML) hideously intertwined with presentation (CSS). By keeping these elements seperated, the web become much more printable, readable, flexible and ultimately more beautiful. It’s easy to tell if a website properly separates these two elements by simply turning off the presentation layer or CSS.

On April 5th, 2007 hundreds of websites will “go naked” by turning off their stylesheets, showing the world their pale-white, Times New Roman scribbled <body>s. I’ll be stripping down this website, as well as the website for my book, and amesnjas.com as well. Oh the humanity!

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Oh that’s just great Jason. Glad to see you’ve thrown in three sites. That’s definitely hard core. I mean hey, if you’re going to the spa, you may as well invite the family 😉

Thanks for the plug dude.

Grammar Dork says:

“…my wife and I’s personal site” sounds weird. Try “my and my wife’s…” or even “me and my wife’s…”

It’s a tricky construction. Check out the flame war that broke out over this topic on a language site:


LOL! Thanks Grammar Dork! I’ve come across that discussion a few times and I have to say that my favorite way to deal with that construction is to avoid it altogether. I’ve changed “my wife and I’s personal site” to “amesnjas.com”. It’s less descriptive, but much easier to digest.

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