Dear Amy,

I am pleased to tell you that the Department has recommended that you be admitted to the doctoral program in Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina, effective for the Fall 2005 term.

Like all doctoral students, you will be supported financially as a graduate Research Assistant. The details will be forthcoming in a letter from the Department, as well as the official offer letter that comes from the Graduate School.

If you would like the Department’s letter to be sent to you by fax or mailed to some address other than the one in your original application, please let us know immediately – this letter will go out in a day or two. The Graduate School’s letter will be sent by regular mail and will go out sometime in the next week.

With the Department’s letter, you will receive a form that you will use to let us know if you accept our offer. We would appreciate your reply as soon as possible so that, if you decide not to join us, we can make an offer to another applicant.

Congratulations and best wishes!

2 comments on “YES!!!!!!

HAHA! Coming to SC from Gainesville, I’m not sure who we will route for when they play Florida. We actually drove up for the UF vs. USC game in 2003. I guess we won’t be dressed like this next time we’re in that stadium.

Sharif says:

Boo! Go Tigers! 😉

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