A Tree Bit My Ear

This actually happened last weekend but I promised Josh I’d post a picture, so here it is.

A tree bit my ear

Last Saturday while Amy’s dad and I were out in the yard chopping up one of our dead trees, I slipped on a nice round log and landed on the side of my face on another log. In my head it went something like Ryan’s stunt from Singing in the Rain, but it was far less graceful, I didn’t really do a flip, and I don’t think Ryan could land on the side of his face if he tried.

Having wrestled for 3 years in high school, my ears were already a little deformed, and I fully expected when it happened that I had broken cartilage. Fortunately though, a week later, my ear seems to have mostly healed up. Ames and I spent most of this weekend doing more of the same type of work. Between this week and last, I think we’ve cut down about 14 trees. Some were large, some were small, some were dead…and some were tall. Sorry, couldn’t help it. It’s not like we have a shortage either. Amy tried to figure out how many we had total and lost count at 40. I think our goal is to get that number down to about half. We really don’t hate trees, we just like the idea of being able to grow grass in our yard…and of course, I like using a chainsaw. Perhaps I should stop this post now before I start getting hate mail from the folks at treesaregood.com. While I’m at it…maybe I should sign up for health insurance too.

7 comments on “A Tree Bit My Ear

Dan says:

Ouch! That looks mighty painful.

maratz says:

Ha! Clever way to make your darling nurse you all day long 🙂

amberdusk says:

Hey came accross your blog. I can tell you love your wife alot. My husband is the same way:) What happened to your young marrieds blog? I would love to see it.

Ames actually saw the whole thing happen, so I think she was more worried about me than I was.

Amberdusk, the young marrieds blog was not as much a blog as it was a database of the couples in our church. It got out of date and I took it down when I switched over to dreamhost. Amy and I have a (sort of) blog at amesnjas.com. I say sort of blog because the coding behind it is over 2 years old and it doesn’t have an RSS feed.

Josharama says:

The opportunity has past, but I’m sure you could have gotten some money from AFV had there been a camcorder rolling. The narrator would say something like, “I wonder what would happen if I stepped here….WWHHHAAAAA THUMP!”

Nice tree bite Jas… Thanks for posting it.

Heather says:

Hey Jas are you trying to take after your Dad? If you are going to do work on the house try to keep it safe ok? We sure miss you guys too! However, we understand how much fun a new home can be… Enjoy, be safe!

No Heather, I haven’t cut the tip of my thumb off YET. My dad is never going to live that down. Anyway, thanks for posting those wedding pictures from SO LONG AGO on your site! 🙂

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