Ay Eee Seven

Via Slashdot and Microsoft:

Well, it’s official. IE7 will be available in beta for Longhorn (codename for the next version of Windows) and Windows XP SP2 as early as the summer time. It seems that the focus of this new version of IE is going to be on addressing security issues. What about inherent support for png transparency? What about extensibility in the form of user created themes and extensions? How about bookmarklet/favelet support? This is going to be sad.

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Ray says:

What about supporting CSS2 and fixing mistakes in the way IE6 renders stuff? What’s truly going to be sad is seeing people believing what their told on how wonderful the new IE7 is when it’s barely an upgrade to IE6. And then not only believing, but leaving FF behind for the new IE7.

I’m definitely sticking with FF, but here’s hoping that Microsoft actually knocks my socks off. I just don’t really see that happening, though.

Ryan says:

How about having dropdown boxes not render on top of EVEERYTHING.

Oh, I can go ahead and say that I won’t be leaving Firefox behind. I’m just looking forward to seeing what gets fixed and what doesn’t…and expecting to be disapointed.

…And if I need to render a layer over a dropdown box, I can always just have you hide it for me dynamically Ryan. Hehe!

BReese says:

IE7 will just be another mediocre release from Microsoft. If the beta releases on time I’ll be suprised. They’ve been horribly behind schedule with their Longhorn project and slow in releasing some other products that might have made my work easier.

Why would you want to render something on top of a drop down box?

BReese says:

I found out why I don’t want a drop down list on the top layer… Now to just figure out how to get it out of my way.

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