Blade Runner

Blade Runner RC Helicopter

I feel like I’m much to old to be raving about a random toy I received for Christmas, but I’m really excited about the Blade Runner remote control helicopter that my parents got me. I remember last year around Christmas time, we got a lot of spam here at work advertising The Sky Pioneer RC helicopter, but I believe my mom bought this one at QVC.

My brother got the green 49 MHz model, and mine was the blue 27 MHz one. I say was because I cut the blue and white plastic body off of it this morning exposing the circuitry, battery, gears and motors. This also served to lighten it up a bit and make it more maneuverable. It’s so much fun to fly it around the office. Sadly, my helicopter is temporarily grounded as I just broke one of it’s rotors on a bad landing. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to fix it with a little scotch tape. If not…it seems that someone on ebay is already offering Replacement Rotors for a better “buy it now” price than the manufacturer’s. Although I haven’t posted to it yet, I can see myself getting involved with the Bladerunner RCGroups Discussion Forum on the little gadgets. It seems there are some decent modification ideas for the rear rotor to improve the forward-reverse motion. This is definitely a toy for me.

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B Reese says:

You already broke it! Ssshhh! Don’t tell your mom. 🙂 Seems you were given a fun toy.


ryan says:

hey i just got one and i broke a blade and i am just asking to see if i can by parts for it plez right back thax

Try Ebay.

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