Cinco de Moe’s

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written about what I had for lunch, but a Free Joey Bag of Donuts from Moe’s Southwest Grill seems worthy enough. I thought they were giving out free food as an anniversary stunt, but apparently it’s all about establishing Cinco de Mayo as Cinco de Moe’s, a day of “doing absolutely nothing”. I think it’s particularly humorous that this propaganda page has an “Employment Info” link at the top, and that Cinco de Moe’s obviously means that people working at Moe’s will be working harder with the influx of customers there for a free meal.

All that said, Moe’s is still one of my all-time favorite lunch destinations in Gainesville. Since there is 1 (soon to be 3) Moe’s locations in Columbia, South Carolina, it stands to maintain that position even after Ames and I relocate in mid-July. I actually just got around to posting a few pictures from last weeks trip. Hopefully I’ll have some rafting pictures to post, but we still need to get the water camera developed…but it seems we only took digital pictures while we were camping at Chau Ram Park. I guess that makes sense since we were just driving around looking at houses the rest of the week. I’ll be sure to write about our experience and lessons learned from house hunting as soon as that’s all finished. I’ll also be writing soon about future employment. I would say that I found a great job, but it’s more accurate to say that a great job found me. Details coming soon…

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Ray says:

Arrghh! I LOVE Moe’s and I missed it! How could I have missed a free meal? Especially from Moe’s!

Well, here’s the deal. Now you’ll have to go way out of your way from Florida to South Carolina, and stop by our town in Georgia to go to Moe’s with me and my wife, Amy. That’s your (punishment?) for not notifying your good readers of this offer sooner!

I actually found out about it on the 4th…guess I shoulda said something then.. Depending how far off the interstate you are, that might make a stopping point for our next trip up. The only problem is that my Amy doesn’t really like Moe’s. I know, I know…impossible right? Every time we go to Moe’s here in Gainesville we go to the one next to Panera so she can get something from her favorite lunch spot.

Ray says:

Well, we may be a bit too far out of the way for you guys since we’re off of exit 147 in Middle Georgia. But… tell Amy that there’s an Atlanta Bread Company two doors down that has some really awesome sandwiches.

“Welcome to Moe’s!”

Brian says:

Advance notice of this sort of promotion would have been helpful, however, I’m more suprised to learn that there is still an Atlanta Bread Co. since the one by me went belly up.

The Atlanta Bread Company in Gainesville is actually just on the other side of the road from the little plaza with Panera and Moes. They’re pretty good…especially their French Onion Soup in a bread bowl.

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