Disney of Interior Design

Ames and I have been pretty big on the weekend home improvement projects, but the more we get moved into our house, the more we realize that we need “things”…things like window coverings for our bedroom…and living room furniture. You know, expensive things. The types of things you want to look nice and cohesive when you have a home, but don’t want to pay a lot for. With that in mind, we made the 3 hour trek to the nearest Ikea in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday.

The parking garage at Ikea, well, one floor of it.
Amy in the parking garage at Ikea.

For those who have never been to an Ikea store, don’t think furniture store, think theme park. The place has a parking garage, parking attendants, two restaurants, child care, and escalators you can ride with a cart. This isn’t the type of place you can spin through on your way home from work, but the products they have are well designed, unique, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, they were out of stock of the sofa set we were planning on buying, which was the main reason for the trip. We did make it worthwhile however by picking up lighting, shelving, and some dinosaurs, among a bunch of other cool stuff.

Swedish Meatballs!
…and yes Paul, I had the Swedish Meatballs. They were tasty indeed.

6 comments on “Disney of Interior Design

Paul says:

Did you get a different sofa set instead of the LILLBERG? You could always order it online. 🙂

Nope, we only came home with small stuff. I think we may order it online. I’m just not too happy about the shipping cost…which is why we drove to HOTlanta.

Ryan says:

What in the world is on your shirt?

That would be Bob Ross, of course…Happy Trees.

Ryan says:

Oh man. I was a little afraid of that.

That’s awesome, by the way.

Ray says:

Man, I really hate that we missed going! 🙂 And now with the aftermath of Katrina and gas prices soaring, looks like we won’t be going anywhere soon. Once things return to a sense of normalcy, we’ll have to make up some other excuse to come visit.

My ears (eyes?) perked up when I read that Ikea has childcare. You mean, we can shop without children? Not that I don’t love my children, but that would be great!!

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