Flying Screaming Monkey

Anybody out there that owns my book should know that I have a gratuitous fascination with monkeys. I didn’t think about this when I was writing it, but looking back now I realize that I used monkeys in the illustrations of 3 out of the 5 chapters of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design. Why do I admire monkeys so much? For the same reasons as anybody else I suppose:

Ok, so I’m not as hung up on primates as underworked statisticians or Kevin Cornell, but when I saw the fatwallet headline “Flying Screaming Slingshot Monkey $6.84 Shipped”, I was fumbling for my credit card before I even read the full product description. When my monkey arrived in the mail, I knew it was going to be the best office toy EVER. To give you an idea of just how the flying screaming screeching monkey works, I captured his first Cyberwoven office flight on video. Enjoy!

7 comments on “Flying Screaming Monkey

Jim says:


That is awesome! I saw your comment on Dustin’s blog linking here. You and I have the love of crazy toys and a whacky work place in common. I have all sorts of goofy toys on my desk and am constantly cruising through wishing I was rich. 😉


topfunky says:

I think the link should actually go to

(no ‘the’)

Hey! I’m currently seeing a therapist about my primate hang-up. He says it’s only unhealthy if I eat one.

Doh! Fixed the link. Thanks Geoffrey!

Alex says:

You should have filmed the monkey flying across the room, not the wall. It would have been more interesting that way.

Joshua Van Slyke says:

Erica and I can’t stop laughing…. actually we were so dumbstruck by the comedic genius of the slingshot monkey that we both looked at each other and said, “No way!! I want a slingshot monkey!”

Amy Beaird says:

While I agree with Alex, it would have been quite hard to hold the camera, the monkey and slingshot it at the same time. Maybe now that the initial surprise of the monkey is past, you can get some office assistance to make a monkey adventures video where we can actually see the monkey! And stop blasting him off during important business meetings!!!

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