After a long period geocaching quiescence, I’ve been re-inspired to get out there and start caching again. Last night I attended the Geoholics First Anniversary Meeting and met some people who were new to geocaching, some (like myself) who had recently become addicted, and quite a few “hardcore veterans”. So what does the average geocacher look like? You tell me. We were quite a diverse group.

Columbia Geoholics, October 2005

While there, I heard stories of tricky caches, creative containers, and lucky finds. There are quite a few geocaches hidden in the area around where Ames and I live, and I just picked up a bike mount on eBay for my GPSr, so I’m looking forward to getting back out there and using multi-billion dollar military satellites to find Tupperware hidden in the woods…

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That’s really cool. Do you geocache locally or do you take planes and such?

Just locally. I started (or I should say my wife and I started) when we lived in Gainesville, FL. No matter where you live, you don’t have to go too far to find the nearest geocaches. There are actually almost 1700 of them in Quebec, so you probably walk past some every day.

Dustin says:

Hey. I saw you guys on TV! You’re famous.

Really? Sweet Deal! …but I didn’t even get to say hi to my mom.

Brian says:

I drive by some caches every time I go to church, there’s some really cool ones around here now that are much closer to parking.

Kristin says:

That’s great a “Geoholics” meeting! How fun. If you need rugged, weatherproof gear for your GPS and caches check the OtterBox blog at For all you hard core geocachers there’s even a movie coming out about it, you can see that on the blog too!!! Happy Geocaching.

I deem the previous comment to be 98.5% SPAM! I would delete it, but I’m leaving it here to make a point. I was actually considering the purchase of an Otterbox iPod Shuffle case…but I think I’ve just changed my mind. It’s obvious that you were trolling for blog entries by keyword that you could insert your advertising into. Shame on you Otterbox… Just for that, I’m also removing the link from your name, Ms. Pribble…It’s all well and good that Otterbox has entered the blogosphere, but comment forms on other people’s websites are not the most respectable place to aim your marketing efforts.

Kristin says:

Hi Jason�

Sorry if my comment came across as spam. I was just trying to offer some helpful info to other Geocachers. I been to your site several times and think you have some great tips. I�ve even read your anti-spam article: (very helpful, this is stuff we experience too). This comment was meant to be an “open” dialogue.

My apologies,

I’m fine with (and I actually enjoy it when) visitors are able to contribute helpful info to other visitors through a blog post of mine. That’s actually been going on in some of my do-it-yourself posts. …and really, that’s what forums and comments on blogs are for. However, comment fields are not meant to be free ad space or search engine optimization tools. That’s why I said that it’s not a respectable place to aim your efforts. If you’ve read about my battle with comment spam, then you understand this full well. Therefore, I accept your apology and apologize myself for responding as harshly as I did. But…I still see your first comment as an advertisement, especially coming from a Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator.

If you’re looking to produce some “helpful info” in a grass roots marketing kind of way (which is what I assume you were trying to do), try sending some of your products out to people who have blogged about geocaching, or their ipod in exchange for adspace or even better, positive reviews.

Kristin says:


Thanks for understanding. 🙂 Working in PR/Marketing, I�m afraid even my daily correspondence to family & friends probably sounds more like a PR pitch than and actual letter. Trust me, I get teased about this all the time! Anyway, if you know of anyone who would like to test stuff out for Geocaching please let me know, that�s a great idea!


PS�The stuff you wrote on your About page about your wife is adorable!!! I�ve tried to get my fianc� to do a short write up on for our wedding and it�s like pulling teeth! Ha, ha! Very cute!

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