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Amy and I were chatting via Google Talk this afternoon when she asked, “How did you do that?”
“Do what?” I replied.
“Turn your tongue sideways.”
I was using the Adium chat client at the time, so I had to log into my gmail account to see what she was talking about, but sure enough, Google has added animated smilies to it’s web-based version of Google Talk. In the time that we were chatting, we discovered:

:p 🙂 🙁 😉 and <3

A little searching revealed a complete list of the avilable emoticons at a site called bigblueball. The interesting thing about these smilies is that they aren’t animated gifs, but rather a series of gifs located at name)(1-14).gif that are rotated with js to make the animation happen. I saved the ones for the <3 (heart1.gif, heart2.gif, heart3.gif…) and posted them below:

Actually, after I saved those images, I tried heart.gif, and realized that there is an animated version in the same directory. Interesting…here it is:
(You may have to hit refresh if you missed the animation.)

6 comments on “Google Talk Emoticons

Justin Perkins says:

Those rock. I especially like the hook ’em horns one, aka rock out… m/

Ryan says:

The animated version is for when you hover over the rotated image in the chat history. You can watch them rotate if you missed them the first time….

Ah… I didn’t notice that Ryan. I kinda figured they used javascript to rotate them like that so that it would be hard for people to grab the animated gif version. The fact that you can roll over it again and right click to save the animated version eliminates that theory.

Jason says:

By the by, the GTalk emoticons are available as an Adium plugin:

evitc says:

Jason, thanks! Your emoticons are cute!

Gene says:

There is also:


With many of the usual emoticons ( 🙂 😉 :p etc. ) you can replace the “:” with the “=” and it works.

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