Happy New Date(Y)

I always thought it was funny to see websites that are regularly updated that have an outdated copyright notice in the footer. It’s even funnier when the page in question is serverside. Now, I’m not the most programming savvy person in the world, but when you’re writing the footer include for your next project, do yourself a favor and insert an automagically updating year next to that © symbol.


<?= date(Y) ?>


<%response.write Year(Now())%>


<script language = 'JavaScript'>
var today = new Date();

In other news, Ames and I are still down in Vero enjoying the time with our families and the warm weather. We had a great Christmas, and even though I’ve been working for these last 3 days, I’ve had 3 great lunch breaks. On Monday, BReese stopped off of I-95 to meet Amy and I at Big Apple Pizza on his way back to Orlando from his hometown of West Palm. On Tuesday, I grabbed Firehouse subs and met with my dad for lunch at his Cabinet shop, and today Ames and I went out to Panera and ran into Chrissy Giddens of all people…and of course, I was wearing my nerdy XHTML fist shirt from A List Apart.

2 comments on “Happy New Date(Y)

Bryan Austin says:

Then that would defeat the purpose of haveing a copyright… If the page was made in 2003 it should be copyright 2003. Should only be used on websites that have built in content manager.

That’s why I used the description “websites that are regularly updated that have an outdated copyright notice”. I know of a few sites that have posted updates since the new year that still say © 2005…although, you bring up a good point. In a CMS, it would be best to use the year of the latest content update.

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