Update: By looking at my search traffic, I’ve come to realize that most of you are probably here looking for the Magnetix I-Coaster. Hooray for SEO.

Mac mini

With a starting price of only $499 this 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 2″ box of G4 mac goodness is a great deal. With the size and power of this little mac, I can see hooking into into the entertainment system as a music/video server, taking it on the go (as it’s smaller than some portable hard drives), or just replacing the old PC desktop.

Update: No longer trying to win an iMac though FreeMiniMacs.com…

So what’s with the “FREE iCoaster” link on the homepage?

I’ve seen the ads of people claiming that you could get a free ipod from freeipods.com for a while and didn’t believe it…till people started saying they just got their ipod in the mail. Well, the people that put together freeipods.com have launched FreeMiniMacs.com, and it’s just as Legitimate.

If you want to get your own Free Mini Mac (er…iCoaster), all you have to do is go to http://www.FreeMiniMacs.com/?r=13923856, sign up for an “offer”, and get 10 people to do the same. Among the “offers” are Blockbuster, Rhapsody, Credit Cards, and all sorts of other services. I personally signed up for the Platinum Discover card since it was completely free and gave me a way to use a credit card at Sams Club (they don’t take Visa or Mastercard). A few of the guys at work are doing the same and paid $9.95 to try out a first month of unlimited Blockbuster rentals, and said it was well worth it even if it were not for the free mini mac.

P.S. – The URL above with the ?r=13923656 is my referrer link. As soon as I get the 10 people signed up that I need, I will take it down and post a list of the the referrer links of the 10 people who completed offers on my referral. This is only fair since I can only get one iCoaster,and I’d like to help those that help me.

5 comments on “iCoaster

Ray says:

Have you read about the dimensions of this thing? 6-1/2 inches x 2 inches! Now THAT’S tiny. I’ve used Windows all my life and now I’m making the switch to Linux, but I’d still love to see this Mac mini really catch on. I wonder how long it will take for tech support to start getting calls about a spilled frappuccino into the disc drive…

Dan Mall says:

I love the headline! Thanks for being original as opposed to everyone else on the web blogging about the iMac mini. iCoaster! I’m still laughing!

Russ says:

w00t! I love the finished product

Dmitry says:

This site throw me to smileys site after submiting. Is it just wise banner?

If you’re saying that you get forwarded to some other site from my site, it sounds like a malicious adware problem on your computer. You should download and run Ad-Aware to start off. If you’re using IE, you may also want to go check out BrowseHappy.com.

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