I saw a great tweet this morning: “I wonder if anyone sold a harness for an original Model-T so that you can save gas by hooking a horse up to it. #iPad” – @jamesmiller The link James shared there is a MacRumors post about the laptop-like Clamcase for iPad…. 

iPad: It’s not for us.

Have you ever started writing a comment that turned into a paragraph? Then you started wondering at what point you were just starting to get annoying. That’s what happened when I started writing out my reply to Elliot Jay Stock’s first thoughts on the iPad. Instead of hitting the big… 

Unreal VMWare


(If you have a first generation G5 iMac that is giving your problems, feel free to skip the story and get to the point.) As it turns out, those issues I was having with my G5 iMac a few months ago may not have been RAM related at all. A… 

Gray Screen of Death

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