My Favorite Spammers

Gmail has been doing a great job in keeping my inbox free of spam, however as I purge my Spam folder every few days, I’ve been noticing a trend. A majority of my spam has very creative and clever names. I’ve continued to delete these as usual, but I’ve been saving up a list of the better ones for a post like this. Enjoy!

  • Amperes C. Dulls
  • Archaeologist A. Comm
  • Bier F. Stupidly
  • Censures F. Turncoat
  • Checkup F. Billy
  • Clapeyron F. Pueblo
  • Clump H. Arachnids
  • Confides E. Ferocious
  • Contradistinction B.
  • Converging U. Unsold
  • Enthused M. Posse
  • Estuary I. Swimmer
  • Hubcaps H. Islamabad
  • Jovial C. Turnaround
  • Lavishly V. Pursed
  • Mockingbird B. Playth
  • Mushed J. Retina
  • Prejudging O. Assassi
  • Roving G. Vault
  • Ruefully A. Input
  • Salud Langston
  • Scratched M. Muddiness
  • Selling G. Corruptness
  • Tramp Q. Envelope
  • Winteriest O. Gooses

One comment on “My Favorite Spammers

Kerry says:

I too have had these weird email names show up in my mail. (parapsychology r. winteriest and affronts s. maladjustment)I was curious so I opened them. Nothing happend but it was some really strange philosophical crap with a link at the bottom. When I tried to reply to the email, the content of the letter completely changed. (was the strangest thing I ever saw) I clicked on the link at the bottom out of curiosity and it took me to a porn site. I have only recieved 2 of them in 3 months. Still they are very strange.

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