Origami Water Bomb

I’m always amazed by the random details I remember from my childhood. Things like the words to The Littlest Worm song, the velcro pockets in the shoes I wore in pre-school and the smell of my kindergarten classroom. At some point in my early elementary school days, someone taught me how to fold an origami water bomb. It’s a simple little origami cube with a tiny hole in the top that you can fill with water (or chocolate milk if you prefer) and hurl across the cafeteria at unsuspecting victims.

As I was working in the office this morning I saw a square scrap of paper on the floor leftover from a coupon Amy printed. Despite the fact that I haven’t made one of these little paper cubes since middle school, I picked it up and instantly remembered all the steps. The result is below.

Origami Water Bomb

I was going to write up some instructions on how to make your own, but there are already several million of these on the interwebs. The “How to Make a Waterbomb” article at wikiHow is a pretty good guide.

Once you’ve made your paper cube, another fun thing you can do with it is fill it with lighter fluid and make it take off like a rocket.

(Edit: Previously embedded video no longer online.)

Sometimes I just don’t want to grow up.

2 comments on “Origami Water Bomb

Megatron says:

We don’t want you to grow up either. (Ya know being a grown up totally sucks! There are a few exceptions, but only a few)

BIP says:

It´s so cool finding an origami fan! LOL

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