Becoming Mac Users

A Sexy New 20-inch G5 iMac

Ames and I have finally decided that we ARE going to get a sexy new 20-inch G5 iMac. I could really use a machine like that at home to expand my familiarity with the mac OS, and Amy has simply fallen in love with them. We currently have 3 PCs: a multimedia server, our main desktop computer, and our laptop. It may seem a bit abberant, but here’s our 5 step plan for becoming Mac users.

  1. Sell our HP Laptop – We are definitely going to need some extra cash in order to afford what really ammounts to a luxury item. I got my HP laptop as a graduation present, and at 2.8 GHz with 512MB of ram, it’s a decent machine, but it doesn’t really fit our requirements for a laptop.
  2. Buy a cheaper, more portable laptop – We want the iMac to be our main home computer, but we need to have a laptop that Amy can carry around for grad school, so the lighter/cheaper the better. We decided on the Avertec 3200 series, and got a good deal at Best Buy during the crazy holiday sales.
  3. Accumulate resources – Even after exchanging our laptop for a lighter and cheaper one, we’re still a little too short on cash to buy a new iMac. It’s also almost Christmas, which means our holiday budget is going to eat into the iMac fund a little. When Amy graduates, she’ll be getting a raise and working full time. With that boost in income, we should be able to save up the remainder of what we need after a couple of months.
  4. Make room for the new baby – No we’re not having kids. Kids would definitely hamper our iMac buying process and make this list much longer than 5 steps. I was talking about making room for the new G5. Our desktop machine is a 1.8 GHz machine that is still really useful, but the iMac would be replacing this machine, as well as stealing it’s desk space. I plan on gutting both the desktop and the media server and combining the best of both to build a better, faster version of “The Box”.
  5. Bring her home – Once steps 1-4 are completed, we’ll be home free. Our computers will be up to date having well definied purposes, and we will have the money to put towards our new desktop machine, the 20-inch G5 iMac.

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