iPad: It’s not for us.

Have you ever started writing a comment that turned into a paragraph? Then you started wondering at what point you were just starting to get annoying. That’s what happened when I started writing out my reply to Elliot Jay Stock’s first thoughts on the iPad. Instead of hitting the big red Submit Comment button, I decided to copy and paste thoughts here:

It’s not for us. Unlike the iPhone and the MacBook Pro; the iPad is an Apple computer gateway drug for tech-deficient people like our parents. It’s a cheaper way to buy and read books for those who won’t buy a Kindle AND a personal computer. No it doesn’t really push boundaries or blow away paradigms of personal computing like we all hoped. No it doesn’t run apps in parallel or have front and back cameras like we all expected. It’s not for tech junkies like us who already have gadget overlap with our smart phone, laptop, GPS, music players, etc. It’s a cheap alternative to buying a “real” laptop for those who just browse the web and check email and it’s way sexier than any netbook on the market. Assuming you get the 3G model, it’s cheaper access to the internet than cable or DSL for folks who only have one computer with the added benefit of being able to take it with you. Remember, people like your parents (or mine at least) don’t have fancy iPhones with data plans. They do however have computers; usually PCs that are already obsolete with an outdated version of Windows with plenty of viruses and therefore are always in need of tech support…from people like us. As I said, it’s not for us. I will however, try to sell my parents on it.

2 comments on “iPad: It’s not for us.

Spot on.

My parents are already thinking of ditching their old desktop as they don’t use and have no need for most of it.

Maria says:

agreed. similar sentiments can be found here: http://flyosity.com/ipad/the-ipad-is-for-everyone-but-us.php

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