Tres Cero

Onion Volcano“Look out! Onion Volcano! That’s Riiiight.” – Big Daddy

The last couple months have really been a blur for Amy and I. We’ve spent every free weekend and almost every evening sanding, spackling, painting, caulking, sorting, packing and cleaning. We won’t be making the move to Atlanta till the 1st weekend of April but we want to make sure the house is in the best condition possible before we put it on the market.

With all that constant work it was nice to take an evening off last night to celebrate my 30th birthday with a few close friends at Miyabi. It had been a few years since the last time I ate at a Japanese Steak House and I forgot how much fun it was. “Big Daddy”, the chef at our table, was hilarious and made sure to wish me a, “Happy birthday, sir Jason” every time he put something else on my plate.

Tres Leches CakeThe BakeCaker’s amazingly beautiful, bi-winningly delicious tres leches cake.

While it was tempting to eat every bite, Amy reminded us that there was cake waiting at the house so we all ended up leaving with pretty hefty to-go boxes. Anyone who has ever had one of Amy’s cakes will tell you how awesome they are and having tried most of her creations, I have to say my 30th birthday cake was the most delicious yet. It was a 4-layer tres leches cake with toasted meringue frosting that was so moist and fluffy I’m gonna die. I really have no words to describe it so I’ll just quote Charlie Sheen here and say that it melted my face and was bi-WINNING triumph. I’m making a note here, huge success. Seriously though, I couldn’t have had a better birthday or a better birthday cake and I’m a lucky (old) man to have a wife like Amy.

PS: If you want to try Amy’s Tres Leches cake, keep an eye out on I’m pretty sure there is no tiger blood or Adonis DNA involved but she’s planning to post the full recipe soon.

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